What’s Your Dream Wedding Look Like?

Figure it out before you buy or book anything!

Before you make any decisions, book any venues, or even buy your perfect dress, you have a few things that you need to figure out.  So have a seat, grab your favorite glass of wine and discuss the following with your partner:

  • Do you want to have the ceremony at a house of worship or at another type of location such as a restaurant or a park?
  • Do you want the reception to be held inside or outside?

affordable wedding ceremony and outdoor wedding reception

  • Are you a beer and brats type of couple, or do you feel more comfortable serving champagne and hosting a formal sit-down dinner?
  • Would you like it to be small and intimate, or do you prefer to share the day with everyone you know?
  • With well-meaning family, how can you retain control over this event?

Dream Wedding


Weddings are not easy to generalize! That being said, the best things that both of you can do…….. Talk about it! That day will be all about the two of you.  Figure it out together and don’t sweat the small stuff!   So spill! What does your dream wedding look like?

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{Blunders to Steer Clear Of} Offering to Cover Wedding Related Expenses

We’re back today with a continuation of our series on: Blunders to Steer Clear of After Getting Engaged.

Today we evaluate a mistake that is huge.  Staying within your wedding budget is difficult enough.  If a bridesmaid agrees to be in your bridal party make sure you don’t assume she understands what her responsibilities are.

This may be her first time participating in a wedding.  She may accept your invitation if she is under the impression that you are covering her costs.Creative way to ask your BFF to be in your wedding. (if you have not seen these you need to check them out.) Put your own spin on asking your girlfriends the oh-so important question. Will you Be My Bridesmaid?

Don’t Go There

Don’t offer to pay for something you can’t afford. You may have the very best motives but you have your own budget to consider. Being asked to be a part of the wedding party is an honor.  Be clear about your expectations and her level of commitment. Lay out what her responsibilities are as your bridesmaid.

Money talks are a somewhat complicated subject to address.  Talk to her and be honest.  Let her know she’s one of your top choices but you understand if she has other commitments that make it difficult for her to take part.

While you may not be obligated to pay, you should be considerate of how your decisions will affect your bridal party. At the very least, make their financial obligations clear as soon as possible and try to make choices that don’t place too much burden on them.

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