Natalie + Brad

What a beautiful couple these two are.  Natalie and Brad were married at the beautiful Bakersfield Museum of Art.  Such a romantic and elegant setting.  Many friends and family completed this gorgeous couples wonderful day.  I wish them all the best in life!  More from the bride in the images below.

Bride's dress with Mom's dress
Bride’s dress with Mom’s dress
Natalie's wedding dress
Natalie’s wedding dress
wedding dress
Beautiful wedding dress
Natalie and Walter
Natalie and Walter
Natalie and Walter
Walter Kisses

From the Bride:

“I first met Maria at a bridal show when I saw her beautiful display of sample invitations. I spoke with her for a few minutes about my colors and style and right away she had great suggestions. I knew of the colors and a little bit of the style that I wanted but never would I have imagined that someone could take those small ideas and turn them into the most beautiful and perfect invitations the way Maria did.” 
monogram wedding invitation
Natalie and Brad wedding invitation

“There is so much detail that goes into making the perfect invitation and to have someone like Maria, who met with me multiple times to figure exact colors, styles, fonts, design and wording was such a blessing. I remember the evening I picked up the final invitations from Maria and brought them home. I went to bed shortly after, but had to get out of bed twice to go into the kitchen and turn on the light and stare at the invitation again and again, because I loved them so much! I felt like a five-year old with a new Christmas toy.”

Elegant monogram wedding invitation
Elegant monogram wedding invitation


Burlap and Lace Pocket Card Wedding Invitation
Burlap and Lace Pocket Card Wedding Invitation

“My invitations were one of my favorite things about my wedding and one of my favorite keepsakes from the wedding. My family and friends were texting me as soon as they got them in the mail to tell me how beautifully they matched ME and my style. The funny thing is, even as well as I think I know my own style, I would not have been able to come up with something this gorgeous without Maria’s help. I would highly recommend Maria and All in the Invite for your wedding invitations.”

burlap bouquet
Burlap Wedding Bouquet
Elegant table setting with burlap table runner
Elegant table setting with burlap table runner
Natalie with her Bridesmaids
Natalie with her Bridesmaids
Brad and Groomsmen
Brad and his Groomsmen



What’s Your Dream Wedding Look Like?

Figure it out before you buy or book anything!

Before you make any decisions, book any venues, or even buy your perfect dress, you have a few things that you need to figure out.  So have a seat, grab your favorite glass of wine and discuss the following with your partner:

  • Do you want to have the ceremony at a house of worship or at another type of location such as a restaurant or a park?
  • Do you want the reception to be held inside or outside?

affordable wedding ceremony and outdoor wedding reception

  • Are you a beer and brats type of couple, or do you feel more comfortable serving champagne and hosting a formal sit-down dinner?
  • Would you like it to be small and intimate, or do you prefer to share the day with everyone you know?
  • With well-meaning family, how can you retain control over this event?

Dream Wedding


Weddings are not easy to generalize! That being said, the best things that both of you can do…….. Talk about it! That day will be all about the two of you.  Figure it out together and don’t sweat the small stuff!   So spill! What does your dream wedding look like?

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A Great Gatsby Inspired Wedding Invitation

Champagne and Cream Colored Gatsby Inspired Wedding Invitation

The “Great Gatsby” movie has encouraged many brides to throw their own  ‘Roaring Twenties’ theme wedding.  The type of party that Daisy Fay Buchanan herself would sure to be seen attending!

Set the mood for your snazzy soiree with this elegant Bird of Happiness invitation. The art deco font and the pale pink color suggests that the event will be a fun affair!

Bird of Happiness

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Chalkboard Signs

This custom painted wedding chalkboard sign would be a perfect addition to your wedding or reception, or rehearsal dinner decor. It would also make an excellent wedding gift for newlyweds.

All of our signs are fully customizable!Two Families Come Together Chalkboard Gifts Sign Chalkboard Dinner Menu

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Hand Painted Wedding Aisle Runner

Walk down the aisle in style with our custom hand painted wedding aisle runner.  Whether you want a design with your monogram, first names or a special message, the choice is yours.Hand-Painted Aisle Runner

25th Anniversary Celebration

As soon as I laid my eyes on these gorgeous images, I knew this was going to be the perfect way to kick off my day.   You know a party is beyond gorgeous when you wish you were on the invite list. The event was held at Luigi’s Deli.   I can’t tell you what I love most – A dreamy Dessert Table filled with all sorts of delicious treats by Debbie Brule from Sweet Surrender, the elegant floral centerpieces by Amanda Klawitter of House of Flowers.   Kelli of Kelli’s Keepsake Photography captured all the elegant details.  The lovely ladies of Fairy Godmother effortlessly pulled together all of these details with such perfection.

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