Are Celebrity Weddings Giving People Unrealistic Expectations of What a Wedding Should Be?

Many young girls look forward to weddings from the moment they start watching Disney princess movies. In many cases, they picture their weddings as extravagant affairs, complete with Prince Charming, elegant dining, gowns galore for the wedding party and, if they dare to dream big, happy, supportive family members. Then, they get older and they are exposed to the world of celebrity weddings. Now they are dreaming of huge guest lists, imported flowers, famous chefs, million dollar rings and more.


This wide sweeping expectation for extravagant weddings is on the top of every bride’s list. It is also completely unrealistic. Even celebrity weddings have their flaws especially the doom that hangs over all celebrity weddings. Take Kim Kardashian’s latest wedding to Kris Humphries for example. Just a few weeks after the wedding, she was filing for divorce and telling the press that she had cold feet about the wedding, but was so caught up in the wedding plans that she did not want to stop them. Sure, she might have had the perfect dress times 3, decor and a troupe of cameramen for her wedding, but the entire world knew it was doomed.

Celebrity Treatment

It is the special day for the bride and groom, but unless you have “I am loaded” stamped on your forehead, you are not getting three custom designer gowns from the likes of Vera Wang like Kardashian did.  Really?!  Did she need three?!  A wedding is the perfect time to start being realistic. If you are not a celebrity, people are not going to treat you like one and you should not pick your wedding day to be ignorant of that fact. Unless you are very wealthy, or marrying a rock star, you must accept that this isn’t going to happen to you. Plan your budget and try to stick to it.

Expecting a celebrity wedding on a budget is a result of the publicity surrounding celebrity weddings. Just these past few months, the internet, television, telephones and grocery stores were inundated with yet another Kardashian wedding. Everywhere women turned, there were photoshopped pictures of a wedding that was not only extravagant and expensive, but also funded by a reality television show. Regular people are not paid to get married and they stay married because they cannot afford to get divorced. Bear this in mind if you do not want to be paying off your wedding longer than you are paying off your college tuition.

So now, you tell me,  do you think celebrity weddings are giving people unrealistic expectations of what a wedding should be?

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